The Internet is huge, with incomprehensible amount of useful content. To keep things simple and short, here I only link content that I tend to reference a lot IRL in technical contexts. In no particular order.


TROOPERS14 - Keynote - FX
"The Mess We're In" by Joe Armstrong
OffensiveCon20 - Halvar Flake - Keynote - Why I Love Offensive Work, Why I don't Love Offensive Work
LISA11 - Fork Yeah! The Rise and Development of illumos by Bryan M. Cantrill
USENIX Enigma '16 - Disrupting Nation State Hackers - Rob Joyce
You & Your Research - Richard Hamming [transcript]
Cyber Security: A Pre-War Reality Check - Bert Hubert

Articles, Posts

This World of Ours by James Mickens
"a brief meta-note on the concept and purposes of Research Notes" by Alisa
Writing to Think
How to make a movement. Lessons learned from dancing guy. - Derek Sivers
The Law of Leaky Abstractions - Joel Spolsky
Ben Nagy - How to FAIL at Fuzzing, Prospector


CVE-2023-38408: Remote Code Execution in OpenSSH's forwarded ssh-agent
SNES Code Injection - Flappy Bird in SMW
A New Attack Surface on MS Exchange - Orange Tsai
Bypassing VirtualBox Process Hardening on Windows - James Forshaw
What does a pointer look like, anyway? - Chris Evans

Books, Novels

Matthew Monte - Network Attacks and Exploitation: A Framework
Robert M. Pirsing - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
My brain is open, the mathematical journeys of Paul Erdős - Bruce Schechter
The Man from the Future, the Visionary Ideas of John von Neumann - Ananyo Bhattacharya
Goliath - Neil Gaiman
Clifford Stoll - The Cuckoo's Egg