About Program

The About Program dialog displays summary information about a program. 

To view information about the currently open (active) program

  1. From the menu-bar of the tool that has the program open, select Help About Program ...

To view information about any program in the project window

  1. Right click on the program and select About... from the popup menu.


Figure 1 - About Program

Notes:  When viewing the "About" information on a non-open program, you may get a very abbreviated version of the program's information if the program was created with a version of Ghidra before version 4.2.  Once a program has been saved with version 4.2 or later, the full "About" information will be available.

 Standard information displayed in the "About Program" dialog

Project File Name

name of the ghidra program file

Last Modified

date the program was last modified


whether the program is marked as read-only

Currently Modified

whether the program has been changed

Program Name

name of the program

Language Provider

name of processor language used to disassemble this program


name of the program's target processor


name of manufacturer of the program's target processor


either "big" or "little"

Address Size

size, in bits, of the program's address space

Start Address

minimum address of the program

Ending Address

maximum address of the program

# of Memory Blocks

total number of memory blocks in the program

# of Instructions

total number of disassembled instructions in the program

# of Defined Data

total number of defined data in the program

# of Symbols

total number of symbols defined in the program

Below the standard information, the program properties will be displayed. The information displayed here will vary from program to program.

To close this dialog

  1. Click the OK button.

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